We are the champions, Queen

I used this song with students of the 3rd ESO (to teach) and 4th ESO (to revise) the present perfect simple.

Worksheet 1: We talk about Freddie Mercury and ‘Queen’ to introduce the song.

Worksheet 2: It is a fill in the gap activity. On the one hand, they will study or revise the Present Perfect Simple tense and on the other, they will study and pronounce some vocabulary from the song. Students can work in pairs and use a dictionary if necessary.

Worksheet 3: We watch the video with lyrics so they can check their answers.

Worksheet 4: As the song has some new phrases for the students, I have prepared this worksheet with an activity where they will match these phrases to the corresponding meaning. We will work as a whole group.

Worksheet 5: They will work in pairs to translate the song and we will sing it together.